Fuel Tank Cleaning & Decommissioning

IMG_1006- – Tank Decommissioning
IMG_1009- – Tank Decommissioning
IMG_1012- Tank Decommissioning

KpH Environmental Services Ltd provide a professional fuel tank decommissioning and fuel tank cleaning service in the UK. KpH Environmental staff are fully trained to decommission underground and above-ground fuel tanks which can both be removed with little impact on the environmental around them. Please feel free to speak to us today by calling KpH Environmental on 01883 346 604 or via the contact form to the side.

What is Fuel Tank Decommissioning?

To fully decommission a fuel tank, the tank must be safely cleaned and removed from it’s environment without producing any pollution. All of our decommissioning, removal and cleaning services are processes that require expert and trained professionals. Our team are fully qualified and highly skilled, so that they can cut into and asses the interior and exterior of the tank. We will thoroughly clean the tank to fully decommission it.

Underground storage tanks and fuel storage tanks can be decommissioned on either a permanent or a temporary basis. If a fuel tank or oil storage tank is determined to be left in situ, KpH can coordinate the foam fill or concrete slurry to safely decommission the vessel.

Fuel Tank Cleaning Experts

Our extensive experience in the diesel tank, petrol tank, oil tank and fuel storage tank cleaning industry mean that we are industry-leading experts in cleaning, removing and decommissioning fuel tanks. We work with many different clients around the country, such as Exxon Mobil, to constantly improve the service we bring to you. Through these 35 plus years of experience, our friendly staff are very happy to work with you on all of your fuel tank cleaning and fuel tank removal needs. You can learn about our individual tank cleaning services by contacting us using the form on the right of this page or by calling 01883 346 604. We operate in London and around the UK.