The British Museum

Confined Space Survey

Client: TGA Consulting Engineers
Project: British Museum, London

Brief Description:

During a project to remove a 60,000ltr oil storage tank from the basement of the British Museum, KpH was instructed to carry out a survey of a tunnel which ran beneath the plantroom. The only information provided of a natural stream than ran through the tunnel and at various times through the year the water levels would rise and fall.

There was known to be services within the tunnel but these had not been inspected or mapped out to anyone’s knowledge. After a Health & Safety review with the client, KpH put forward a plan to carry out the survey and investigation ensuring every team member’s safety and emergency procedures were in place should an issue arise.

Scope of Works:

The fully trained confined space team set up at the entry point with a tripod and winch in place, gas monitors and entry board filled out. Each confined space operative had a personal gas monitor, suitable waterproof coveralls and ATEX approved lighting.

The survey was carried out from which:

  • The dimensions of the tunnel were taken
  • A full list of services and their locations entry and exit points
  • A full catalogue of photo’s and the monitoring of the water level and its entry point in the tunnel.

During inspection of the tunnel operatives also recorded the following details:

  • Tunnel Dimensions – approx. 43.8m long x 2450mm high
    x 1760mm wide
  •  Construction Type – Concrete lined
  •  Condition – Tunnel is in good condition

On completion of the survey a detailed report was issued to the client for their records and future maintenance.