Canary Wharf, Docklands

Tank Compliance

Client: Bank of America
Manager: Axima
Project: Tank Inspection and Fabrication
Brief Description

KpH Environmental was invited to provide a cost and solution to refurbish two 70,000 litre bulk fuel tanks supplying diesel to standby generators in the basement of the London Headquarters of Bank of America at Canary Wharf.

Following a survey of the site, that included complex MPI (Magnetic Partical Inspection) to UST (Ultra Sonic Thickness) testing of the welds, KpH was able to offer the Client a highly competitive solution to clean, upgrade, repair and refurbish the bulk fuel system.

Scope of Works
  • Installation of adequate fume extraction and ventilation.
  • The erection of a 180m² temporary fire wall between the two tanks to allow repair works, whilst leaving one tank operational.
  • Provide the equipment and solution to uplift the 70,000 litres of fuel from one vessel, 30 metres below ground level.
  • Clean, degas and carry out internal inspection to confirm project solution.
  • Re-weld internal and external welds which had found to be weak and leaking.
  • Jacking up the tanks (11,000kgs) to allow inspection and repair to the underside.
  • Fill tank with hydrant water for full integrity test of the vessel under pressure and draining down on completion.
  • Transfer diesel to tank one, to enable repairs to tank two.
  • Re-deliver diesel and re-commission system.

The project required KpH to carry out re-fabrication works to the storage vessels, consisting of extensive repairs and upgrade works to the area in which they were housed. From the initial cleaning through to complex maintenance KpH was able to offer a first class solution to the total satisfaction of the Client.