Cooling Tower Deconstruction & Water Tank Removal

Cooling Tower Deconstruction & Water Tank Removal

Client: Interserve FM
Project: St George’s Hospital, Tooting

Brief Description:

As part of our ongoing support of Interserve FM with their various projects, KpH was invited to put forward a cost and methodology to remove 3no. rooftop cooling towers, the entire enclosure and supporting water tank, and heavy gauge pipework in the adjacent plant room.

Scope of Works:

What made this project interesting and challenging was the location of the work “right next to the Helipad”.

The removal of the plant had to take place whilst the Helipad was in full operation and it was at a moment’s notice to receive incoming emergency medical cases.

Our team had to ensure that there was no waste or FOD “Foreign Object Debris” to use the correct term. anywhere at any time so our control of the dismantling and removal had to be at its highest standard.

Waste removal was also a challenge as the lift was shared with A&E and the Helipad, so cleanliness, noise and designated times kept KpH on their toes.

With the strict control measures in place KpH took to the challenge and completed the removals within the project times scales and handed the area over to the client free of “FOD”.