Demolition of Outbuilding and Underground Tank Removal

Demolition of Outbuilding and Underground Tank Removal

Client: Cornerstone Properties
Project: Dorking

Brief Description:

KpH were awarded the project of demolishing a former garage, removal of an underground fuel storage tank and the disposal of contaminated soils from site.

The site access and location provided a number of obstacles for the team to overcome.

Scope of Works:

Initially KpH provided soft strip to areas of the building including dismantling the old MOT car lift and using a scissor lift to remove the insulation and roof sheets ready for demolition. All waste streams were separated for disposal at licensed facility.

Utilising a rubber tracked 13 tonne excavator with rotator grab, the steels and purlins were carefully dismantled allowing them to be reduced via hot cutting methods. Our skilled demolition operator continued to use the excavator working at long reach to reduce the front elevation along with one of the side walls.

The boundary and rear walls was extremely close to a neighbouring property and therefore the team used a reduced the brickwork by hand taking as much care as possible to keep noise and disruption to a minimum.

Care was taken removing the concrete slab, keeping breaking and vibration limited  due to the proximity of the neighbouring properties.

With the old oil tank exposed and cold cut open KpH cleaned and degassed the tank with all waste, sludge and associated washings from the cleaning process uplifted via vac tanker. KpH then issued a gas free certificate so the excavation of the tanks could take place.

Identified in the Phase 2 investigation soil contamination had been located onsite. KpH was able to identify a cost effective solution for the client in that it could be transported from site to a treatment plant rather than landfill.  100m³ was excavated onto KpH organised haulage enabling the client to make a start on the groundworks and development of the land.