Avis Way, Newhaven

Environmental Remediation Works

Client: Ashfield Solutions
Project: Environmental Remediation Works
Location: Quintessence Fragrances, Avis Way, Newhaven, East Sussex
Brief Description

KpH were engaged by Ashfield Solutions to undertake environmental remediation works to contaminated land within a warehouse facility.

Scope of Works

Initially, KpH stemmed the flow of the stream to enable the uplift of the stream water that was contaminated by perfumes and other products from the warehouse fire. The banks of the stream were also contaminated with product and asbestos fragments from the fire damaged warehouse roof.

Under controlled conditions operatives handpicked all visible asbestos fragments from the area approx. 80m² before excavating the soil from the banks themselves for disposal to a licensed facility for treatment/disposal.

The stream bed was also dredged to remove as much contaminated sludge and soil as possible before allowing the flow of the stream back in.

The stream bank was reinstated with certificated top soil, contoured and seeded.

The area was independently inspected and signed off.