Esso, Addiscombe Express

Dewatering, Cleaning, Degassing of 6 No. Fuel Storage Tanks

Client: Dakin Service Station Contractors Ltd
Project: Esso, Addiscombe Express

Brief Description:

The project involved the Dewatering, Cleaning and Degassing of 6 No. below ground fuel storage tanks.

Scope of Works:

As an approved sub-contractor to Dakin Service Station Contractors for over 10 years, KpH Environmental Services assisted Dakin’s with a local project in Addiscombe, Croydon.  The underground vessels had been made temporarily safe with water to allow the breaking over of the forecourt and canopy removal.  KpH were awarded the contract for dewatering, cleaning and gas freeing of the vessels to allow Dakin’s to extract the tank shells and remove for recycling.

KpH carried out the cold cutting of the vessels whilst the water fill was uplifted via KpH supplied vacuum tankers. With the water fill removed down to approx. 100mm, a jet vac tanker was utilised to assist KpH with the cleaning and degassing.  With continued monitoring of the atmosphere around the vessels using calibrated gas monitors and all site permits in place KpH operatives proceeded to clean the vessels.

Health and safety is extremely important to KpH working in high risk areas on a daily basis and this project is no different.  KpH operatives are wearing static and flame retardant overalls and filter masks attached to fall arrest equipment.

The oil sludge and remaining of the water fill were uplifted via the vacuum tanker and operatives pressure washed the sides and floor of the vessels with an extended jetting lance to ensure all the oil, sludge and debris was removed. Once completed a gas free certificate was issued allowing for the vessels removal.