Ford Motor Co., Thames Avenue Dagenham

Open air Interceptor Cleaning

Client: Viridor Limited
Project: Ford Motor Co., Thames Avenue Dagenham

Brief Description:

KpH carried out the cleaning of an open-air interceptor at Dagenham Ford for client Viridor. The works required a team off especially skilled operatives with confined space training to operate below ground level utilising a steam pressure washer to assist in removing thick waste.
The interceptor had not been cleaned for 17 years therefore, operatives had to remove a substantial amount of waste. The weather conditions provided a minor setback, however KpH demonstrated effective versatility to work around the site conditions and complete the job.

Scope of Works:

KpH provided a 3-man confined space trained cleaning team to carry out the works. The team were equipped with a tripod winch system and steam pressure washer to remove thick waste from the interceptor with waste being uplifted via tanker.

Once the interceptor had been pumped out of liquid waste using the client’s tanker operatives were lowered using a tripod winch system into the confined space area where they set about the cleaning process.

KpH utilised a large 900mm pneumatic pipe stopper to ensure water ingress was kept to a minimum whilst the team worked in the space.
Operatives methodically worked their way through the various chambers within the interceptor pressure washing and uplifting debris. The challenging working conditions provided obstacles along the way resulting in the removal of sludge up to 3 foot deep.

Due to heavy rain falls overnight the water levels in the interceptor meant each day the liquid waste needed to be pumped out of which to save time KpH set up a specialist 4-inch pump that transferred clean water 300 metres away to an onsite effluent tank.

The interceptor was cleaned out sufficiently to allow the client to investigate the make up and construction of the interceptor.

With all works complete KpH handed the site back over to a satisfied client.