Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex

Tank Cleaning

Client: Shell Aviation Limited
Project: Tank Cleaning
Location: Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex
Brief Description

Working on behalf of Shell Aviation to facilitate the upgrade of this aerodrome, KpH were engaged to remove all redundant JET A1 aviation fuel from 1no Fuel Storage Tank and 1no Interceptor following by a thorough clean and degass.

Scope of Works

Following site set up and undertaking all necessary site checks relevant to working airside works were commenced to clean the Fuel Storage Tank and Interceptor as illustrated to the left.

With the Man Lid removed our trained operatives pressure washed the sides and floor of the Storage Tank using a long reach lance prior to uplifting the product using a vacuum tanker.

Utilising a Permit to Enter system operatives entered the tank whereby it was cleaned manually and upon completion handed back to the client for inspection.

Cleaning of the Interceptor was undertaken by removing the chamber lid and inserting a tanker hose to uplift the waste within. As the water was reduced operatives pressure washed the walls and floor to remove the sludge and debris from the chamber. Upon completion all waste was removed and a gas free certificate issued to our client.