Ickford School, Buckinghamshire

Removal of Contaminated Soil

Client: Ickford School
Project: Buckinghamshire

Brief Description:

KpH was employed by Ickford school to carry out an investigation into a potential hydrocarbon oil spill beneath the school premises. KpH began by conducting an extensive investigation throughout the school which included opening up various floor spaces and drainage. The investigations confirmed that an oil spill had occurred, and a remediation plan was put for forward to remove the contaminated soils.

Scope of Works:

A thorough investigation process was undertaken to determine the cause behind the strong oily smell throughout the school. KpH acquired assistance from our preferred environmental consultants SLR to obtain air monitoring samples that would establish if the school could remain open. Although traces of hydrocarbon had been found it was deemed that the school was safe enough to continue within normal school opening hours.

KpH followed these tests up by taking soil samples from below the suspended boiler room floor. Upon testing KpH were able to confirm that as suspected there was a hydrocarbon oil spill below the premises.

KpH swiftly compiled a 6-week project plan to be undertaken during school holidays to allow for a total removal and reinstatement of the boiler room. Operatives would manage the complete removal of the boilers that would be stored on site, and then set about removing the suspended floor.

A team of skilled operatives, site supervisor and CPCS machine plant operators commenced the task to remove all contaminated soil. Operating an excavator and dumper truck in a narrow space, the team successfully removed 18 tonnes of contaminated soil that was able to be sent away to be treated at a licensed facility rather than landfill disposal.

Operatives backfilled the excavation with a type 1 certificated material after verification by SLR. A new engineered suspended floor was constructed and a new concrete floor laid. Once the concrete had set new plinths were constructed for the boilers to be reinstated on. Upon completion the boiler engineers were able to reinstate the plant room recommissioning the boilers providing the school with heating for the autumn term.