ISG, Rockefeller Building

Laboratory Environmental Clean

Client: ISG
Project: Laboratory Environmental Clean

Brief Description:

Clients ISG consulted with KpH Environmental for advice with testing and removal of potentially hazardous waste from laboratories at UCL Rockefeller Building.

Scope of Works:

Rockefeller Building on University Street, one of UCL’s largest premises, is currently undergoing refurbishment as part of ISG’s Eastman Project.

KpH put together a two-phase approach to identify potential hazardous materials that would need to be removed before the soft strip of the laboratories could take place. The first phase of works involved KpH attending site for 3 days along with their chemist taking numerous swabs and samples from within the laboratories.

Once all the analysis had been received a programme and cost plan for phase two could be generated in removing the identified waste which needed to be environmentally cleaned and deconstructed safely. KpH Environmental put together comprehensive health and safety paperwork and a safe method of works for the dismantling and removal.

Skilled Environmental operatives worked throughout the building carefully removing all identified waste from phase one. Upon the successful removal, KpH Environmental handed over to ISG and sister company KpH Deconstruction, who in turn could carryout the Soft Strip of the rooms.

The identified waste from the environmental clean was removed from site to a licensed facility with all appropriate disposal paperwork handed over to the client.

We were very pleased to be put forward to carry out such an interesting project with ISG and look forward to similar projects in the future.