Lime Plant Room

Lime Plant Room

Client: Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd
Project: Elmer Treatment Works

Brief Description:

KpH’s experience and capabilities helped them secure this unusual cleaning and decommissioning project in Surrey.  KpH put forward a plan and economic solution to carry out the deconstruction and environmental cleaning of the plant to enable a new installation to be installed and commissioned in the extensive upgrade works onsite.

Scope of Works:

KpH put together the health and safety paperwork, safe systems of work and an experienced fully EUSR qualified team to work on the site and deliver to the client expectations.

The project needed to be carried out in a methodical manner, removing as much dry medium product into IBC’s as possible from across the 3 floors of plant and then uplifting and cleaning out all the tanks and mixing vessels throughout the process.

Once this first element of cleaning was carried out, the team could start on the deconstruction of the screw mechanism from the Hoppers, that fed the medium into the mixing tanks.  This was a challenge, as the screws were filled with medium and had to be cleaned as they were dismantled.  With the assistance of an erected scaffold and hoist we were able to remove the motors and mixing paddles from the tanks down to ground level.

Throughout the decommissioning, due to the nature of the product we were continually having to wash down the rooms and keep on top of the dry medium that had settled daily to maintain a safe working area for the team.

As the project continued on programme, we entered the last stages where we were required to enter and clean the concrete Hoppers via fixed scaffold. The scaffold enabled us to clean from top to bottom of the plant, to allow the Hoppers to be lined at a future date and then a final clean through the whole 3 floors of plant to enable KpH to hand back to the client.