London Bridge Hospital

Plant Removal

Client: Townley and Hughes Ltd
Project: Plant Removal
Location: London Bridge Hospital, London
Brief Description

KpH were engaged to decommission 2No Chiller Compressors from the basement Boiler Room of one of the UK’s largest Private Hospital. These works were undertaken across two phases to meet the needs of the client.

Scope of Works
  • Hot Cutting techniques were utilised to dismantle both chillers removing all external associated parts, panels, pipeworks, etc.
  • The motors were removed on top of the chillers by partially dismantling in situ followed by careful removal using an aluminium gantry to lower down to ground level to allow for further dismantling prior to removal.
  • Once situated in a suitable area for dismantling the chillers were then cut from top to bottom into manageable sections (between 15 and 30 kg).
  • Protection works were undertaken to the lifts and the sump pump which was citied next to the chillers for removal . All works were completed on programme and on budget.