Marlowe Way, Penge

Underground Tank Removal

Client: Jubilee Coachworks
Project: Marlowe Way, Penge

Brief Description:

KpH were recommended to our client  to carryout the decommissioning  of 7no. underground storage tanks of varying sizes with a total capacity of  over 60,000ltr. The project was also to include the removal of a brick built storage building, all the tanks and carry out a geotechnical ground validation survey.

Scope of Works:

The challenge to this project was the size of the working area around the tank farm and to maintain enough access to the premises to enable the business to keep operating.

KpH dismantled the brick storage building by hand as the rear wall was part of the boundary to the neighbouring property, this then enabled the team to make a start on the tank farm; as the largest of tanks was beneath the building itself.

A floor saw was used to cut around the perimeter of the tank farm to minimise vibrations to the neighbouring properties and damage to the forecourt.

Utilising a rubber tracked 13 tonne excavator the tank farm was then broken out using a breaker attachment.

Once the tank crowns had been exposed they were cut open using specialist pneumatic shearing equipment. Using a Vacuum Tanker the liquid waste, sludge and associated washings from the cleaning process were uplifted. KpH then issued a gas free certificate so the excavation of the tanks could take place.

Due to the size of the tanks and limited space the tanks had to be excavated carefully and then back-filled before moving onto the next tank.  Once excavated utilising hot cutting methods the trained team completed the fragmenting of the tanks with all the tank shell removed from site to a recycling facility.

During the excavation of the tanks KpH had employed an Environmental Consultant to validate the excavation taking soil samples which would then give evidence to and for any future building projects or sale of the premises that the ground around the tank farm was clean.

The project was a logistical challenge in many ways but one that KpH staff were experienced  and skilled in to deliver to the clients expectations.