Marylebone and Bishopsgate, London

Environmental Mechanical and Electrical Strip Out

Client: ESG Plc
Project: Marylebone and Bishopsgate, London

Brief Description:

KpH Environmental were successful in the tendering of two projects to carry out the dismantling and removal of mechanical equipment and services across two data centres in London with our client ESG Plc. The project also involved the dismantling and removal of internal and external chilled water pipe work at Marylebone and removal of a 5-tonne diesel generator at Bishopsgate.

Scope of Works:

The KpH teams worked on the two sites simultaneously and were faced with similar challenges including working in a confined space, around live cables whilst working closely with other contractors removing data racks. The data centres formed part of occupied buildings such as NHS consultants and management training offices. KpH team conducted works efficiently whilst being considerate of the office occupants during working hours.

Marylebone involved hot works in some areas for the removal of chiller pipe work and steel enclosures and dismantling throughout two basements. The KpH team identified and determined a clear and safe route to remove materials and working closely with the building facilities management teams in the scheduling of waste removal from the car park.

Similarly, at Bishopsgate clear routes were established for the removal of all mechanical services associated with the data centre which included the rooftop air cooling equipment and diesel generator. KpH Environmental tank cleaning team carried out the safe cleaning and degassing of the associated fuel oil tank of the generator prior to the dismantling of the tank and associated plant to ensure a clear route for the extraction of the generator.

The KpH team also conducted the removal of the generator flue where external scaffold was erected from the base of the flue stack to roof level. Operatives then in a methodical manner worked from top to bottom began to remove the cladding panels over the flues with hand tools. Once the flues were exposed they were cut using battery operated reciprocating saws into manageable sections and removed safely from the scaffold.

During the mechanical removals, associated pipework from 2 risers was required to be removed. This involved the erection of fixed scaffold within the confined space, from the basement to the 6th floor. This work proved to be tricky and required skilled and experienced operatives to carry out the removals.
All works were carried out in a safe manner on time and on budget.

On publication of this information material, KpH Environmental have been awarded Phase 2 at each site.