Ronaldsway Airport

Tank Cleaning

Client: Shell Aviation Limited
Project: Tank Cleaning
Location: Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man
Brief Description

As part of our Shell (UK) Framework Agreement KpH were commissioned to undertake the cleaning and de-gassing of 4No fuel storage tanks at Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man.

Scope of Works

The fuel storage tanks housed Jet A1 Aviation Fuel and works were instructed as part of their routine maintenance inspection. The works were undertaken under a strict permit to work system and involved the man entry of a 3-man confined space team wearing chemical suits and full breathing apparatus.

The tanks were cleaned and desludged, removing residual fuel, tank sludge and associated washings, which were disposed of to a licensed waste disposal facility. Once works were complete a Gas Free certificate was issued to allow the tanks to go back into service.