Royal Oak Industrial Estate, Daventry

Tank Installation

Client: SDC Construction Group – Special Projects
Project: Cummins Engine Co – Generator Renewal
Value: £93,406
Brief Description

The works involved the draining down of lines, modifications to existing fuel line. installation of new feed and return pipe work to the new tank location.

Cleaning & Degassing of 3No. Vessels & Relocation to New Bund.

Scope of Works
  • Drain fuel supply loop(s) as required and install suitable pick up connections to enable newly constructed tank/fuel supply to be connected with minimal disruption to site operations.
  • Supply; fabricate and install flow & return steel flanged pipe work from newly constructed fuel storage area to pick up and connect into existing test bed circuit.
  • Installation of high/low level alarms x3; fabricate and install offset fill with a single run to incorporate lever valves to allow individual vessel isolation; configure pump feed pipe work into single ‘common supply to incorporate lever valves to allow individual vessel isolation; supply and installation of individual hydrostatic gauges x3; install high level dump line into vessel.
  • Supply and install -1 off Model HD3 Relief Valve Pattern Rotary Gear Albany Pump manufactured in cast iron with double helical steel rotors, hardened and ground steel shafts.
  • Draining and transfer oil, clean and degas the vessels.
  • Suitably rated cranes carried out the contract lift to relocate tanks.