Tank Clean & Removal

Tank Clean & Removal

Client: County Clean
Project: Hartsdown Academy

Brief Description:

Having carried out many successful projects with County Clean, KpH were awarded the project  to clean and remove 2No. 4,000ltr basement oil storage tanks.

Whilst undertaking works, the team encountered heavy oil and the programme was adjusted accordingly.

Scope of Works

  • Our skilled operatives opened up an access in the side of the tank using cold cutting techniques
  • The tanks contained heavy oil which meant a different approach would be required
  • 1,000ltr of Kero was mixed into the tanks to break down the oil and make it pumpable onto the vacuum tanker
  • Once cleaned and degassed, both tanks and associated pipework was fragmented into suitable sized sections using hot cutting methods
  • All waste was safely and successfully removed from the site and all disposal paperwork was handed over to the client on completion