Tank Decomissioning

Tank Decommissioning

Client: SES Water
Project: Leatherhead Pumping Station

Brief Description:

KpH Director met with SES Water representatives to put together a method and scope to decommission the fuel storage and supply to generators. The site is a extremely sensitive site due to the live boreholes within the pumping station that distributes clean water around Surrey. Therefore KpH demonstrated how they would decommission the site without any spills and safely clean and drain the system down.

After the discussion KpH were awarded the project by SES Water to clean 8 tanks ranging from 6,000litres to 20,000litres along with 2no. Generator day tanks and associated pipework.

Scope of Works

  • Prior to the commencement of works the team completed the client’s site induction
  • Floor protections including polythene covering and drip trays were laid from the tanker and throughout the building, covering all connections and tank entry points
  • The skilled team drained down and purged all oil lines across the site between tanks, generators and from upper floors to ground level
  • As this was a live SES water site, it was paramount that all the oil was completely contained at all times so the team monitored each connection point and communication was key
  • The experienced team fully trained in site management, confined space and environmental awareness, controlled the works in a professional and safe working environment completing works within the timescale provided by the client
  • Works were completed successfully, all waste was removed from site and transported to a licensed waste transfer facility and the site was handed back over to the client