Tank Removal

Tank Removal

Client: Maskell Heating Services Limited
Project: Knole, National Trust

Brief Description:

KpH were successful in securing the project with our client Maskell Heating Services to clean, degas and remove 1no. 15,000ltr oil storage tank at Knole.

Knole House is a magnificent 600 year old estate which sits within Kent’s last medieval deer Park. The house is home to seventeenth century tapestries and furniture, so the method in which the works would be undertaken was essential.

Knole had contacted numerous contractors regarding the works but it was KpH that were able to offer confidence to the client in our process of works and the teams wealth of experience.

Scope of Works:

Due to width and weight restrictions, we were not able to get a tanker on site, so the team pumped the oil and remaining sludge from the tank into IBC’S and drums. The team moved these to an alternative location where the tanker could uplift the waste to a licensed facility.

The tank was located within a wooden barn within a private courtyard. Due to risks involved within wooden barn and nearby historical artefacts, the team utilised cold cutting methods to reduce the tank into manageable sections.

The tank and all associated pipework were safely removed and the site handed back to the client.