Thermo Fisher Scientific, Basingstoke

Industrial Oven Dismantling

Client: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Project: Basingstoke

Brief Description:

KpH were contacted to assist the client with the safe deconstruction an Industrial Marr Oven from within a laboratory at their Basingstoke premises. During the consultation period KpH demonstrated our knowledge and competency to carry out such a removal within the shutdown period onsite.

Scope of Works:

With the removal works programmed to take place out of hours during the shutdown period KpH proceeded to set up within the laboratory which was screen off and protected from the clean area/site testing facility. Due to the nature of the oven use, solvents had contaminated the internal lagging and structure of the oven and therefore specialist air monitoring and handling was needed to take place throughout the removal process.

Once a safe working environment was established operatives utilised 110v hand tools to methodically deconstruct the oven. Due to the stainless-steel construction of the oven this proved to be a challenge to the site team as hot works was not an option within the environment we had to work within.

All waste disposal was carefully planned to avoid obstructing Thermo Fishers’ active site. Carrying out all removals of waste in designated time slots, Kph demonstrated strong organisation and speedy waste removal.

Upon removal of the Industrial Oven, KpH suspected Asbestos tiles on the floor beneath. Works were suspended until confirmation of the samples confirmed the tiles did indeed contain asbestos. KpH issued a new set of RAMs to cover the removal works and under controlled conditions Operatives removed the tiles carefully. All asbestos waste was removed and disposed from site under an EA Consignment Note to a licensed facility. Upon the completion of the tile removal KpH organised the air testing of the area and a re-occupation/clean air certificate was issued to allow the client to continue with the installation of new equipment.