Underground Tank Removal

Underground Tank Removal

Client: SLR Consulting
Project: Bulford Garrison

Brief Description:

Having carried out many successful projects with SLR, KpH was successfully awarded the project to clean and  remove 1no. 6,000ltr waste oil tank and 1no. 6,000ltr coolant tank.

The tanks were discovered in an area under development and had to be dealt with in a restricted space and timescale to enable the client to stay on programme.

Scope of Works

  • Tanks exposed and cold cut open ready for cleaning
  • Tanks were cleaned, removing sludge and associated washings via separate vacuum tankers to a suitably licensed waste disposal facility
  • Utilising a 13 tonne excavator the concrete cradle was broken out to release the tanks for removal
  • Both tanks were pulled from the ground and hot cut to allow for safe destruction
  • Our skilled machine operator flat packed the tanks and placed them into the skip for disposal
  • Broke out the additional concrete for disposal as inert waste, ready for an SLR consultant to proceed with taking soil samples of the excavation to allow for verification and backfill