Water Tank Removal and Concrete Base

Water Tank Removal and Concrete Base

Client: Zotefoams plc
Project: Mitcham

Brief Description:

Following previous completed works for our client Zotefoams , we were awarded the project of removing a 300m3 water storage tank, followed by additional works of removing the raised concrete base and re-instating, ready for reuse by the client.

Scope of Works:

KpH carefully planned out the safe method for the cutting and removal of the water tank, taking extra care as it was based on a busy working site.

A safe working area with Heras Fencing and signage was set up around the tank and an area of the warehouse and access road were secured ready for the works.

Our skilled operatives opened up access into the side of the tank and a scaffold tower was erected to dismantle the roof into manageable sections, using hand tools.

In a methodical manner, the KpH team used a combination of battery operated hand tools and oxy propane cutting methods to complete the fragmenting of the tank. A combination of methods was used due to the close proximity of the busy warehouse.

The experienced team carried out the dismantling and removal to a tight programme maintaining high standards of work and health and safety.

The next phase, was the breaking out of the concrete base and preparing the area for a new concrete floor to match the existing fall of the road.

Our skilled teamed marked out the intended break out area ready for KpH’s  CPCS Operator and excavator to break out the raised circular base to approx. 150mm below ground level.

KpH re instated with new rebar and concrete which also include the renewal of approx. 20m of Acco drainage.