Boiler/ Plant Room Dismantling and Removal

IMG_0096- Boiler_Plant room
IMG_0102- Boiler_Plant room
IMG_0573- Boiler_Plant room
IMG_0584- Boiler_Plant room
IMG_3487- Boiler_Plant room
IMG_4053- Boiler_Plant room

Our experienced team are fully trained in relation to all hazards associated with specialized removal works taking place in boiler/ plant rooms. The most shared challenges we come across within these projects are the access and egress to remove the heavy plant. Through many years of experience, KpH have developed safe systems of works to dismantle and remove the plant from any location, whether it be in a lower basement or 12 floors up in a plant room.

Transformer Removal

We can manage the safe and compliant removal of used transformer oil irrespective of its PCB level. We assess all risks associated with the job and ensure works are completed in accordance to our comprehensive health and safety practises. Once the plan of work is approved and the method statement is signed off, our experienced operatives will be able to start on the works. We will test and analyse the transformer or HV & LV switchgear oil to be removed and then determine a plan to isolate the transformers, drain the oil and then flush through before removing the transformers from a site.

Chillers & AHU’s Removals

IMG_3322- Chillers & AHU
IMG_3329- Chillers & AHU
IMG_3346- Chillers & AHU
IMG_3350- Chiller & AHU

Rooftop AHU’s and Chillers projects can prove to be awkward as transit routes over the roof are often restricted. Here at KpH we specialize in developing methods and solutions to overcome all aspects that limit the effectiveness of the manoeuvring of materials out of exit points. Therefore, we strive in taking great care to effectively reduce and dismantle units in anticipated timescales.

Machinery and Heavy Plant Removal

KpH Environmental offers a fully comprehensive Heavy Machinery and Plant Dismantling Service, typically operating in live, sensitive environments such as hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Oil Tank Cleaning and Removal

072-Oil Tank clean&Remo
073-Oil Tank clean&Remo
079- Oil Tank clean&Remo
083- Oil Tank clean&Remo

Oil tank cleaning is a service provided by KpH Environmental to ensure that your oil tanks are cleaned properly and performing at their best. Whether you have a large oil tank or an underground tank, our oil tank cleaning experts will be able to assist you in getting your tank cleaned.

Oil Tank Removal Services

KpH Environemtnal offer some of the best in the industry when it comes to oil tank cleaning and oil tank removal. We have more than a decades worth of experience and all of our staff are expertly-trained and highly qualified. Depending of the tank environment and location, our oil tank removal operatives will make access into the tank via the man way or via cold cutting an access in the side of the vessel once the levels have been determined.

Prior to man entry and if permitted on site, KpH utilise vacuum tankers to uplift residual product. If man entry is not allowed, pressure operatives wash the sides and floor vessels using an extended jetting lance to ensure all the oil, sludge and debris has been removed.

Once we have completed the oil tank clean, we issue a gas free certificate allowing for vessels to be removed. Our experienced site operatives are fully trained in site management, confined space and hot works with health and safety being extremely important to KpH as we work in considerable risk areas daily.

More About Tank Cleaning and Tank Removal

KPH Environmental offer a diverse range of environmental services, including specific services for tank cleaning and removal. We are specialists in oil tank cleaning, fuel tank cleaning and bulk fuel storage tank cleaning as well as various tank survey and plant machinery removal services.

If you would like to see how our oil tank maintenance services can be applied to your storage tanks, then please get in touch with us today. You can do so either by calling us on 01883 346604 or by using the contact form on this page.