Machinery and Heavy Plant Dismantling and Removal

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KpH Environmental offer a fully comprehensive Heavy Machinery and Plant Dismantling Service, typically operating in live, sensitive environments such as hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Every working environment is different, but ultimately the underlining objective is the same: dismantle and remove heavy plant machinery while keeping disruption to the running of the plant to an absolute minimum.

Heavy Plant Dismantling

KpH Environmental provide services to dismantle and remove heavy plant machinery across the UK. These services include transformer removal, chiller dismantling/ removal, contaminated ventilation removal, heating and ventilation dismantling/ removal.
We recognise the difficulties our clients face when removing redundant plant machinery especially as this often coincides with the installation of upgraded machinery. We work closely with the project team to offer practical, safe and economical solutions particularly in relation to logistics and sequencing.

Boiler/ Plant Room Dismantling and Removal

Plant removal services also encompass boiler/ plant rooms. KpH have developed over many years of experience, safe systems of works to dismantle and remove plant from any location whether it be in a lower basement or 12 floors up in a plant room. You can be sure to rely on KpH to complete a plant dismantle or heavy machinery removal job as quickly and as safely as possible.

Other Machinery and Heavy Plant removal services we provide include: the uplift, transportation and handling of heavy equipment, generator dismantling and removal, water tank removal and heating and ventilation dismantling. Also available are services to report and remove asbestos, crane hiring and contract lifts.