Underground Tank Cleaning

We are KpH Environmental, a group of expert industrial engineers with years of experience in underground tank cleaning and other environmental works. Our specialist tank cleaning services are available for tanks of any size, and at any location, including those that are underground.

Commercial Underground Tank Cleaning Services

Underground tank cleaning is the process by which underground storage tanks are decommissioned ready to be removed from their location. Our staff are expertly qualified and highly trained to work with hazardous chemical tanks, fuel tanks, oil tanks, diesel tanks and underground water tanks. After our team have entered the underground tank using specialist equipment, we will begin to clean the interior of the tank. Our specialist team undertake underground tank cleaning services in London as well as a number of other areas across the UK, and we would be happy to discuss your project with you directly.

To put it simply, we are an environmental clean-up company, who ensure the safe clean and disposal of your storage tank. We also offer a tank inspection service to survey your storage facilities if required.

All of our projects are carried out by highly trained High Risk Confined Space City in Guilds certificated technicians. We are confident that our practises operate in strict accordance with current Institute of Petroleum Code of Practice and other regulations that govern our industry.

Our commitment to health and safety is maintained with our high standards of site-specific risk assessments, investment in specialist training and continuous monitoring of both the employees and systems we use within the office.

Please call us on 01883 346604, or use the contact form on this page, to learn more. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.