Fuel Tank Removal Services

Welcome to KpH Environmental, a UK-based fuel tank decommissioning specialist. Our team of highly-skilled and expertly-trained tank engineers have years of experience in tank cleaning and fuel tank removal. If you have a fuel tank or would like a fuel tank removed, then our expert staff are more than happy to help. Our staff are able to remove fuel tanks from their location and can clean your fuel tank also if needed. We offer fuel tank removal services in London and in other parts of the UK.

Our highly-skilled staff are also fully trained to clean and remove fuel tanks from various locations, including above-ground and underground tanks.

What is Fuel Tank Removal?

Fuel and petrol tank removal is a service provided by KpH Environmental, where a storage tank such as a fuel tank is removed from its environment. When a fuel storage tank needs to be replaced, it must be emptied of it’s contents, cleaned and also removed from its environment. Our expertly-trained staff are fully-trained to remove storage tanks including fuel tanks as well as cleaning them if required. We can also remove oil storage tanks and diesel storage tanks.

If you have a fuel tank that needs to be removed, you can contact the KpH team to see who can help you to remove your fuel tank. Our highly-skilled staff can also clean your fuel tank and dispose of hazardous contents should you require us to. Please call us today on 01883 346604, or use the contact form on this page to learn more. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.