Oil Tank Removal Services

KpH Environmental are specialists in commercial oil tank removals and the safe disposal of oil tanks. Our UK team of expertly-trained and highly-skilled tank engineers are fully trained to remove storage tanks of various contents, including the removal and disposal of oil tanks.

Our expert staff are also trained to remove storage tanks from various locations including above-ground and underground tanks. If your requirement is for oil tank removal, oil tank disposal or any oil tank cleaning services, or if you have a fuel tank of any kind which needs to be cleaned or removed, get in touch with KpH today.

If you are looking for Domestic Tank Removal, Installation and Replacement, please see here – Domestic Tank Installation

Why use our Oil Tank Removal Services?

KpH Environmental offers a variety of oil tank removal and oil tank cleaning services; our expertly-trained staff are fully qualified to carry out oil tank decommissioning. We are specialists in our field, and have been safely removing oil tanks for over 20 years.

When an oil storage tank needs to be removed, it is important to ensure that the contents of your storage tank will not spill or overflow. The KpH Environmental staff offers a tank cleaning service to clean your tank’s contents before we remove it. We can also carry out oil tank decommissioning, and removal of your tank from underground locations.

Our highly-skilled staff are trained also to dispose of potentially hazardous chemicals. Oil spills are very harmful to the surrounding environment, so we take pride in ensuring the we carry out all tank removal and oil tank disposal works to the highest standard.

KpH Environmental services are here to help, from planning through to completion, making sure you are confident about what type of oil tank removal service you require. We will help you make the right choice for your business.

If your requirement is oil tanks, fuel tanks or diesel tanks, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. Please call us on 01883 346604, or use the contact form, to learn more.

Our tank engineers are also trained to undertake oil tank cleaning when needed.