Tank Surveys and Compliance Works

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KpH Environmental operate a nation-wide service providing clients with Tank Surveys and Compliance Inspections. Our fully trained OFTEC technicians will undertake an overall visual inspection of our clients’ vessels together with Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing (NDT) and/or pressure testing on underground tanks.
Upon completion we provide our clients with a compliance report and make the necessary recommendations to ensure it meets with PPG2 The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001.
Our services offer our clients complete peace of mind that their fuel storage facility has been safely installed, and correctly maintained, to allow for compliance with all current regulations.

Tank Gauging Systems for Tank Compliance

KpH has many years of commercial experience at installing tank contents, and gauging systems, for the safe analysis of the tank. We also fit and install high and low- level bund alarms.
Regularly reviewing and checking the performance of your tank is highly important, and when needed, KpH can advise on what steps need to be taken to ensure your tank operates safely and efficiently.

Compliance Reporting and Remedial Recommendations

Our tank remediation services are part of our extensive range of tank compliance works. Understanding how to clean and remove your tank is important and KpH can provide services to help. For example, we can perform bund cleaning and maintenance (as well as repairs), fuel polishing and fuel line testing.
Another service provided by KpH is the supply and installation of plastic or steel bunded tanks, hydrostatic/ pressure tank testing, renewal/ installation of overfill prevention devices, pipe work alterations and the installation of valves and filters.